The Ultimate Corporation June 7, 2012 Bill McKibben E-mail Print Share Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power by Steve Coll Penguin, 685 pp., $36.00 Exxon’s executives, as anecdote after anecdote in Steve Coll’s book makes clear, enjoy easy access to every president. Its confident CEO is “a peer of the White House’s rotating occupants” who can usually count on the administration to see things as he does. In fact, the president is often more pliable than the CEO, who often goes his own way, aligned…with [...]

Legal Resources–Fracking

LEGAL RESOURCES ANSCHUTZ EXPLORATION CORP. v TOWN OF DRYDEN Town of Dryden—File of all the Town’s Principle Legal Papers Dryden Complaint Dryden Plaintiff’s Memorandum of Law Dryden Plaintiff’s Affidavit; Sovas